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At School Sprout, a division of On Target Digital Marketing, we believe in making meaningful connections with the people that matter to you. For independent schools, that audience varies. It includes prospective parents and students, as well as current students who are potentially matriculating to Catholic high schools. We’ve had the pleasure of transforming the enrollment process for our Catholic Diocese clients, and we invite you to explore how content-driven marketing makes a difference. Your school is unique — your marketing plan should be too.

Our Strategy

We understand that there’s more to Catholic school marketing than just driving leads. There are current parents and students that need to be retained and school tours that need to be scheduled. That’s why our marketing strategies are customized for every Diocese we work with; they’re all-encompassing, intended to reach every important stakeholder.

Today’s consumer may visit up to 22 places prior to making a purchasing decision. That applies to cars, restaurants, jet engines, doctors most certainly, private schools. On Target’s mission is to devise and execute a solid digital marketing plan that gets schools found in those 22 places where parents are searching.”
— Tom Jelneck

While each strategy is unique, they often start with a similar foundation.

We use content marketing and SEO to both raise awareness of the Diocese and private schools and to engage current parents and students. Digital advertising is executed to reach a thoughtfully-developed target audience who already have a predisposition towards Catholic education. Through our unique strategies, we’ve seen great results. In the last major three-month enrollment period, we drove over 165 leads to our Diocese clients.

Our Familiarity

We’ve been supporting the Catholic Diocese since 2016 and make it a priority to offer continuous support. The Catholic faith plays a role in our personal lives as well as our professional ones; our CEO is a product of Catholic education, including a Catholic seminary, and now sends his children to Catholic school. Catholic education has quickly become part of School Sprout’s DNA.

Our Passion

Watching a small business grow as a result of our digital marketing efforts is very gratifying to me, but watching a ministry or school grow and thrive as a result is tremendously life-giving to me.”
— Tom Jelneck

As a professional involved in Catholic education, you understand the importance of doing work that is fulfilling and makes an impact on the world around you. For School Sprout, our work in Catholic education is the life-blood that gives our agency purpose and our people fulfillment.

Our Customer Service

When you work with On Target, you’re not working with a “set it and forget it” agency. Our clients are encouraged to email us, call us, or drop by the office (especially if you bring coffee or cookies). We’re always available to answer questions and support you and your school. Check out what our friends in Catholic education have to say about working with us.

On Target quickly responds to my questions and needs, and they give me confidence that my campaigns and digital marketing efforts are being monitored and managed. I strongly recommend the On Target team if you need to build your web presence and get noticed.”
– Maria Del Amo, Marketing Director — Western Region

They have consistently provided the highest quality of work, delivered on time. The staff is extraordinarily knowledgeable and helpful, and consistently has their finger on the pulse of the market. While I know better, I feel as if we are their only customer because their customer service is that good.”
– Linda Caldwell, Marketing Director — Central Region

With our previous site, we got a bill every year from the provider — but that was it. There was no consultation, no input or recommendations on how we could improve the site, advance it, and move it forward… [With On Target] we achieved all our goals in six or seven months. I’ve seen huge results.”
– Nathan Nadeau, Principal of St. Charles Borromeo

Through School Sprout, a division of On Target Digital Marketing, we’re bringing unique, strategic website development and content marketing to more Catholic Diocese and private schools. We believe in independent education, and we know that your school, staff, and students are one-of-a-kind. With affordable monthly payments and a highly-customized plan, your school or Diocese can easily reach your target audience. Drop us a line to learn more about School Sprout and the potential that we see for you.

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