Summer Time = Website Declutter Time.

Ok, so the little ones are gone. The halls are lonely. The last piece of gum has been scraped off the bottom of that cafeteria chair, and the hallway floors are sparkling like never before. What’s next? Sure, you’ve got school stuff to do. You’ve got parents to chat with, curriculum to review, a school tour here and there, and interviews to conduct, but what else needs to get tended to? Hint — it’s online (hopefully).

Your website. Let’s talk about your school website. It’s been up there, doing its website thing: serving up information to hungry parents, taking orders for school lunches, being solicited by Nigerian princes. It’s been busy, for sure. But if your website is like the other ones I see on a daily basis, it needs a wake-up call. It needs an intervention; it needs a purpose.

You may argue that it is serving its purpose. After all, it’s dishing out details — it’s letting parents know about roller skate night at the local rink and filling them in on what’s for lunch next Tuesday. It’s doing something, for crying out loud. But in today’s busy digital world, websites need to attract new visitors. They need to stand out and be different. They need to pull and attract new pairs of eyeballs.

The thing your website’s not doing is attracting new families; it’s not even trying. Sure, it’s there. Sure, a prospective parent could fill out that contact form and maybe ask for a tour, but your website is not talking to prospects — it’s talking to existing “customers.”

Here’s where I’m going with this. If you take a quick look at your site and only see a slew of dates, advisories, letters from the principal, menu updates, or updates on the JV lawn darts team and their state cup, you’re probably doing digital all wrong.

There, I said it. Yes. Your school stuff is important, but it doesn’t deserve to live on the front page of your website. What should be there, you ask? Polished messaging. End results. Stats on how many of your high school students just got accepted to college and messaging about how your school is shaping the future. This is the place where you brag about the value proposition that your school brings to the table, because this is what prospective parents are looking for. They need to what their hard-earned dollars are going to do for the education of their children. They need to know why you exist, and why it’s a great idea to send Sally and Johnny to your school over the school down the street. Messaging matters here, and it’s time to realize that your school is truly being judged by your homepage.

I hope this article was helpful, and of course, if you want the School Sprout team to take a gander at your website and digital marketing, simply fill out our form and we’ll do it for free, because we’re good like that. Enjoy your summer and the peace and quiet!

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