Introducing The School Sprout Marketing Podcast

We know you’re busy doing school things. The staff isn’t going to hire themselves. The air conditioning unit in the library isn’t going to call the repair guy itself. The budgets aren’t going to magically balance themselves, AND, you don’t have a ton of time to get your school digital marketing under control.

That’s why we’re here, well, also because we have some mouths to feed and rent to pay. We’re here to make your life easier, and we’ve done that by creating a podcast series you can listen to on the way in to work. Tune in and follow School Sprout’s own Monique & Tom as they discuss all things digital marketing. You’ll laugh, cry, and be inspired to kick up your Catholic or Independent School digital marketing a few notches.

In this episode, Monique & Tom discuss SEO and how it can impact your school and it’s enrollment. Be sure to check back frequently, or subscribe to our newsletter below to magically receive the latest updates.

Thanks for listening and reading!

Through School Sprout, a division of On Target Digital Marketing, we’re bringing unique, strategic website development and content marketing to more Catholic Diocese and private schools. We believe in independent education, and we know that your school, staff, and students are one-of-a-kind. With affordable monthly payments and a highly-customized plan, your school or Diocese can easily reach your target audience. Drop us a line to learn more about School Sprout and the potential that we see for you.

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